Robert Black - 2010 recipient

Robert Black - 2010 PGPR Award recipient

Professor Robert Black, Edgar Berman Professor in International Health and Chairman of the Bloomberg School of Public Health of the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health.

Professor Black’s long dedication to global child health, his clinical and research excellence and his role as teacher and mentor to a generation of clinicians and scientists embody the principles of the PGPR Award.

His career has focused on finding simple, affordable, and scalable interventions to reduce the leading causes of childhood mortality.

Professor Black’s work on zinc supplementation, led to the recommendation by WHO and UNICEF to use zinc as an adjunct therapy for all cases of diarrhea in children.

In the past 30 years he has had a major impact on the survival of children in developing countries with his work leading to policy changes and the development of new interventions, in turn helping some of the world’s poorest children.

The award was presented to Professor Black at a special State of the Art Plenary Session within the annual Pediatric Academic Societies' Meeting in Vancouver on May 3, 2010.